Home Painting Services

Home Painting Services

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A building doesn’t make a home. The essence of your home is orchestrated by the degree of comfort it brings. Considering this, a home with peeling and cracked paint might not feel homely. In this state, you may feel too embarrassed to invite your loved ones over, or you may avoid going home yourself. If your home doesn’t feel like a home, it is crucial to create comfort with a fresh paint job. Hire the best home painting services, extended to you by Paint To House.

Paint To House provides you with a plethora of professionals, who can provide your home with a fresh, levelled and subtle finish. Our objective is to complete a paint job that returns you with a home that you can be proud of! Once we end the home painting services Dubai, you would never want to leave your home!

Reflect on our proposal 

Paint To House proffers a transparent service. Our relationship with our clients is built around the concept of mutual trust and understanding. Therefore, we encourage you to review our proposal, which includes a quote, schedule of work, along with the nature of the job. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we can move forward in our relationship. 

As we offer a transparent service, we do not have any hidden charges. You are charged with the exact price, which is agreed upon in our meetings. 

Plan the schedule 

A home painting Dubai project can be arduous in nature. You were keeping that in mind, our teams, at Paint To House, establish a schedule that works around your individual needs. This way, we are able to swiftly complete the project, without bringing in additional stress into your life. You can set up a consultation session with the service, prior to availing the services. 

Customized Painting Solutions

Paint To House provides customized painting solutions to meet your individual needs. Whether you wish to revamp a single room of your home, or you need to get the entire interior or exterior painted, you can count on our service to get the job done! You can convey your requirements to our professionals, who can provide you with an estimated cost for the service. Once you are happy with our plan, we can initiate the project, as per your convenience. Paint To House provides home painting services in the following areas: 

  •  The exterior of the home
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Hallways
  • Ceilings
  • Bedrooms
Home Painting Services Dubai

Home Painting Services That Employs a Calculated Approach

Being experts in the industry, Paint To House’s home painting services takes care of everything, so you don’t have to! Our teams follow a systematic process while painting your home.

Stage 1: Examining your home

The first stage of the home painting process is examining your home. We carefully inspect your walls to makes sure that every surface is levelled. In case your walls are cracked, our teams build the repairs, before priming the walls for a proficient paint application.

Stage 2: Covering the furniture

Our teams further take the initiative of protecting your furniture, appliances and floors, from paint splatters. This way, a paint job would not cause any harm to your personal property. 

Stage 3: Skillful application 

Paint To House has provided its team with extensive training. This enables us to offer a proficient application of paint. We leave your home with a refined, polished and a sleek finish. 

Stage 4: Walk-in sessions

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We regularly host walk-in sessions to get your input on our progress. If you require any changes in the paint job, you can communicate your requirements to our team, who will intently listen to your needs, and execute your demands with excellence. 

Stage 5: Cleaning up space 

Once the paint job is concluded, we make sure that you are happy with the results. Once you give us a thumbs up, the professionals at Paint To House clean up any residual paint, along with our workspace, before exiting your home. 

Paint to House offers unparalleled service to revive the aura of your home. We provide a complete home painting service to certify that your house feels like a home. To book a consultation session, get in touch with our service via phone, query form or email!